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Maid Service Tucson

Have you ever wondered how much would it cost to get your home cleaned? Or what all is included if you were to get it cleaned? Or how about calling a company to get a quote only for them not to pick up the phone. Then, on the off chance you do get someone to answer the phone, they will not give you a quote. They request your address so they can come to your house and give you the hard sell routine. Sounds awful right? That’s where we come in. We are changing the industry. Simplifying it. How does this sound– Upfront pricing, online scheduling and payment, your home gets cleaned, and DONE. No more back and forth. Below you can see the services we offer and what prices we start at. 

Regular Cleaning

Regular/routine cleaning is what we do when a house has been professionally cleaned within the last month. Its a smaller build up of grime and tidying. All surfaces are cleaned excluding baseboards and interior windows, however your maid may choose to do a touch up if something is blatantly obvious. Upon arrival if your maid thinks your home is exceeding the level of a regular clean and should be upgraded to a deep clean someone from the office will contact you. This service is perfect for the small family. It can give you the extra time on the weekend for your favorite activities or start your week off on the right foot. A home cleaned by one of our maids can be done once per month, every week, or every 2 weeks. Starts as low as $84

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning constitutes a home that has not been cleaned in over a month. Homes that have moderate to excessive build up of grime, scum, or hard water. Especially in the bathrooms and kitchen. Deep cleaning includes the baseboards, ceiling fans, and all other surfaces. It also allows our cleaners to spend the extra time needed to tidy or scrub as necessary. On average a deep clean takes 1.5 times longer than a regular clean. Starts at $149

Move Out Cleaning

Move out cleaning gets the knucklebuster award. It metaphorically separates the boys from the men. This is the type of clean you need when your home is empty and you are trying to move out/in to either sell your home or get a security deposit back. This is the most in depth cleaning we offer. It includes cleaning of the inside of the cabinets, oven, and fridge. Our goal with this cleaning service is to leave the home better than you left it, or better than you received the home. For best results we ask that your be empty so we can clean all the nooks and crannies. This service takes about 2 times as long as a regular clean and frequently longer. Starts at $179

Hourly Cleaning

Have a special request? Or only need part of your house cleaned. Hourly cleaning might be for you. We will send up to 1-3 maids per your request at a rate of $33/per hour per cleaner. For those of you that thinks this rate seems high we say GOOD it's supposed to be. We rigorously vet all of our cleaners to ensure you are getting someone experienced that you can trust. You are getting someone who is background checked and covered with insurance. Moreover we pay our cleaners a good livable wage so they stick around and are able to care for their families. Plus there's a saying that says treat your workers how you want them to treat your customers!

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