How to remove toilet bowl ring

How to remove toilet bowl ring


Lets face cleaning toilets is a crappy job- pun intended. I won’t make you suffer through any more lame jokes, but I will share how to effectively clean a toilet. You have applied your toilet bowl cleaner and you scrubbed with your wand, but you still see something in the toilet. You swear its cleaned and you try again, but no matter how many times you try there is the dreaded toilet bowl ring.


So the calcium ring comes from the minerals in the water otherwise known as hard water. The impurities in the water stain the porcelain in the toilet bowl causing the ring. So this method is used to fight this ring and will be needed to reapplied as needed typically every month. Which is why we recommend a cleaning service at least once per month!

Deep Cleaning the toilet


Without further ado here is the simple method to remove toilet bowl rings in less than 2 minutes. Tools you will need are toilet bowl cleaner, toilet wand, pumice stone, and gloves.

  1. Apply toilet bowl cleaner prior to cleaning exterior portion of toilet. Let sit while cleaning exterior surfaces for at least 5 minutes for best results.
  2. Use toilet bowl wand to clean the bowl. Use the wand to remove all particles and scrub till nothing else will come off. Flush toilet to better see what cleaning needs to be left.
  3. Dip your pumice stone in the toilet bowl water and then moderately apply pressure while scrubbing with centrifugal force(in a circular motion). The pumice stone will begin to fall apart so you may need to flush the toilet a second time to clear the debris to better see which portion needs the ring removed.
  4. Repeat and use plenty of elbow grease until desired results are achieved!
  5. Enjoy your sparkling clean toilet

There you have at, a simple and effective way to clean a toilet bowl like a professional cleaning service. So if you want to tackle this job you can get all supplies at Walmart or Amazon. The pumice stones are $1.50 at both stores and will last a couple months at least. If you have any trouble with the instructions above watch the video below from one of our cleaners on how to do this!


Why you should hire a home cleaning company?


If you don’t want to spend your weekend with your hands in the toilet give us a call. We will perform a thorough cleaning of your home and ensure that your toilet is calcium ring free. We have even cleaned some homes where the bowl no longer had any white on it all from hard water. One of our clients told us before the cleaning not to worry the toilets because they have been stained and were looking to get them replaced. However, when we came our crew was able to get the toilet completely white. I can’t tell you hoe thrilled they were! If you are in a scenario such as this we would be happy to help. Cheers!



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