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Below we wanted to share our deep cleaning guide. We developed this house cleaning guide through years of experience cleaning houses and through sharing ideas online in professional house cleaner forums. Cleaning a house the right way requires 3 things. Good technique. Good work ethic, Good products. This guide is focusing strictly on the technique or the art of house cleaning. Yes, I said art! Like an artist, the house cleaners from One Click Maids take pride in their work to transform your canvas *home* into the best version of itself. Something you can be proud of and displayed. A place that feels like a stress free home.

I wanted to post this on our website so our new hires have something to quickly refer to.  Also for the people who do not want to hire a maid service in Tucson, we think this can be helpful next time you decide to deep clean your home. Again i do want to remind you this is simply a guide and steps do not need to be followed exactly in order in some cases. There is plenty of room for innovation and flexibility when following these house cleaning instructions. Please take caution when cleaning and wear gloves! If you are house cleaning in Tucson and would like a deep cleaning quote you can get one here 

Deep Cleaning Bathroom

Sink Area

  1. Remove items off the top of sink and place on the floor outside of the bathroom. Also remove rugs and waste basket.
  2. Turn water on tub and in sinks to get bottoms wet
  3. After water drains apply abrasive cleaner to both tub bottom, toilet bowl(can also use toilet bowl cleaner), and sink bottoms. Use brush to mix with water and then scrub sink bottom and rinse until residue is gone.
  4. Let tub mixture sit while cleaning counter tops
  5. Get 2 cleaning towels. One for wiping up spray and one for drying
  6. Spray all purpose cleaner or bathroom spray on counter tops and light switches. Immediately wipe with one towel followed by the drying towel. Repeat as needed until desired clean. Use brush or sponge for built up soap scum or tooth paste.
  7. If there are hard water stains on chrome fixtures do following. Spray with cleaning solution and then use 0000 steel wool to polish. Move steel wool with the grain of chrome. Do not use pumice stone on chrome. 
  8. For stains on porcelain use wet razor blade or wet pumice stone to remove. 
  9. Spray glass cleaner on mirror and use paper towels or designated glass cloth to get streak free. If there are smudged or grime that are difficult to remove spray glass cleaner and follow with sharp razor blade over difficult areas. 
  10. Finish sink area by using dry towel on chrome and sink drain areas
Shower Tub Area
  1. Spray cleaning solution on chrome first and scrub with the grain with steel wool. For excessive hard water using an abrasive cleaner like soft scrub can help. 
  2. Spray walls and shelves of shower and use large brush to scrub. For heavy scum, spray solution and razor blade until removed. Then spray again wiping with one towel and immediately following with a dry towel. Continue this process until desired result.
  3. Tub and tub bottom scrub with brush until desired whiteness is achieved. Rinse and reapply as necessary. For stains that will not come up you can use a pumice stone that is extremely wet. However use extreme CAUTION as it can scratch. Talk to customer before doing this step
  4. After desired result rinse until abrasive powder is no longer visible. Dry tub bottom with towel


  1. Generously spray cleaning solution all over toilet — including base. 
  2. Use customers toilet brush to scrub toilet bowl and edges. After stains have been removed as best possible with brush. Use pumice stone on what is not able to be removed with brush. This is an as needed step as not all toilets will need this. When finished flush.
  3. Use two designated toilet towels to wipe all surfaces and crevices of toilet(including base). Be sure to immediately follow with dry toilet towel. For excessive hair on toilet it may be best to use disposable paper towels as not to ruin supplies. 
  4. Also wipe edges of paper towel roll and walls behind toilet as needed. 
  5. Fold toilet paper into a triangle by grabbing one square. Taking the top left corner and folding to the bottom right. Then take top right corner and fold to bottom left. Creasing it and giving the bathroom a nice touch. 


  1. Spray solution on baseboards and wipe with towel until desired result. 
  2. Sweep or vacuum floor thoroughly
  3. Mop
  4. Shake or vacuum rugs. Take trash out of bin. Ensure floor is dry before replacing.
  5. Replace all items to countertops in a neat manner
  6. Take photo

Bedroom Cleaning

  1. Neatly move items on floor if cluttered. Throw dirty clothes in hamper fold throw blankets. Empty waste basket.
  2. If new sheets are out, strip bed and place sheets in laundry room. No new sheets make bed if unmade. 
  3. Dust ceiling fan with towel as to not drop dust bunnies on bed.
  4. Spray towel 3 times with dusting spray or all purpose cleaner. Proceed to wipe blinds left to right and up and down. Raise blinds 3 inches to clean/dust windowsill. (Interior window cleaning is an add on service. Ensure that blinds are dusted before cleaning window.)
  5. Dust all wall hanging frames and art. Dust accumulates on the horizontal frames and edges.
  6. Dust all furniture, including legs, and headboard of the bed. For deep cleaning pick up decorations/knick knacks on furniture and dust underneath. Dust items as necessary. 
  7. Arrange knick knacks and decorations in neatly fashion. 
  8. Spray and wipe door jams(near handle) and light switches. 
  9. Spray and wipe baseboards (deep cleaning)
  10. Sweep and mop or vacuum as necessary. Move small furniture to get underneath as needed.
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