What's Included

View our cleaning checklist below of all cleaning services we offer.

Cleaning Checklist

We will clean the following areas of your home. We try to accommodate any special requests you may have.

Living Room & Bedrooms

Cobweb removal
Ceiling Fans
Dust blinds & window ledges
Clean & buff mirrors
Make beds and change linens (if left on bed)
Empty trash and replace all bags
Vacuum carpets, rugs & stairs
Dust furniture and decorations
Clean tabletops
Sweep & mop floors
Dust baseboards
Tidy tabletops
Dust doors
Tidy areas, fold blankets, arrange pillows, etc.
Clean light switches & door knobs

Bathrooms & Laundry Room

Clean inside & outside of toilet
Clean mirrors & shine chrome
Scrub, clean & dry sink
Sweep & mop floor
Scrub, clean & dry shower/tub
Empty trash and replace bag
Wipe outside of cabinets
Tidy countertops
Dust & wipe down outside of appliances
Dust baseboards
Clean fans
Clean light switches
Dust doors
Cobweb removal
Dust & wipe shelving


Gather dishes & load dishwasher
Clean all countertops
Clean inside & outside of microwave
Wipe outside of appliances
Clean stove top & stove fan
Clean & dry sink
Clear out drip pans of loose food
Sweep & mop floor
Clean slider glass door
Dust baseboards
Clean chairs & tables
Empty trash & replace bag
Clear cobwebs
Clean light switches & door knobs

Add-On Services

Deep cleaning(Includes first 10 interior windows and baseboards)
Inside cabinets
Refrigerator/freezer cleaning
Interior walls
Inside oven
Inside windows
Move in/Move out

Services Not Offered:
Put dishes away
Exterior window cleaning
Yard work
Clean or change light bulbs

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