How to Clean the Oven like a Pro Cleaning Service

by One Click Maids - October 28, 2018

How to Clean the Oven like a Pro Cleaning Service

Let’s face it. Moving is a stressful process. Sure, you may have found a new place that has ample space for all your things or a place that helps you avoid Tucson’s major construction areas on your commute. Even with that…moving sucks! I have never seen anyone excited for the packing of all belongings and then figuring out how to get it to the next place. It’s unnatural! How did the people do it in medieval times? Anyways rant over! Let’s talk about what needs to happen with house cleaning tasks when you move out. You can clean yourself or pay a pro to do it. I may be biased but, I would strongly recommend One Click Maids cleaning service!

Ending a Lease

When ending your lease most landlords require you to clean to get a portion of your security deposit. In Tucson the deposit is usually the cost of rent plus or minus a couple hundred dollars. A portion of this deposit is used as a cleaning service fee where if you do not clean the home the landlord can hire a cleaning service to get it ready for the next tenant. The problem with this is they charge a lot more so they can profit off of the cleaning fee! So to get the most of your security deposit we suggest you clean yourself. As long as you have the right products, a can do work ethic, and a little elbow grease you can take care of the job!

What to clean and how to clean it

There are obvious areas to clean during a thorough cleaning like the kitchen and bathrooms, but the key is to get in the nooks and crannies. In the kitchen, the oven and cabinets are often a place where part of the security deposit is kept. The cabinets are easier, but the oven is difficult to clean because the self cleaning feature leads some to believe it removes all of the burnt on food. 99 percent of the time this isn’t the case.

Cleaning the Oven

So let me give you the secret to cleaning an oven in under 30 minutes! You will need an abrasive powder (Our cleaning service likes Barkeeper’s friend powder. An ecofriendly option is baking soda or Bon Ami.) You will also need a liquid degreaser cleanser (There are a lot of options here, you can use dish soap and water, or any of the leading multipurpose sprays. There are also various green options: Thieves cleaner, Mr Meyers, and Method. Thieves is our favorite, but you can’t order in stores, only online.) Get a sponge and a couple microfiber towels to wipe up excess liquid or mess. Lastly you will need a razor blade and a pumice stone!


  • First liberally sprinkle your abrasive powder in the oven and on the glass.
  • Next spray your liquid degreaser directly on the powder and use your sponge to mix it together to look like paste.
  • Now you can wait…clean something else and let the chemical reaction start to eat at the grime or you can jump right in and start scrubbing. A word to the wise if you wait about 15 min scrubbing will be easier. But do not wait over 45 min!
  • SCRUB. Use a combination of your sponge, pumice stone, and spray. Continue to scrub and use your microfiber towels to wipe away grime after the pumice stone lifts it up. This will also help you see what areas you need to continue scrubbing. Rinse and repeat until it is clean. The pumice stone works better when the surface is wet but DO NOT use on the glass. It will scratch! For the glass make sure it is wet and use your sponge and razor blade in push motions only. For no streaks use a dry microfiber towel to dry.

That’s it!

Super simple and will have your oven looking brand new…and help you get your security deposit back. Or if you are short on time book your move out cleaning service today and we will take care of the grunt work for you! 🙂

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